MASM Instruction Set Table


This is an incomplete list of the MASM instruction set. I will be adding more instructions as I come across them for work.

Kip Irvine published a great book that I use for reference. The complete instruction set is on page 652.

Instructions Table

Instruction Description
AAA ascii adjust for addition
AAD ascii adjust for division
AAM ascii adjust for multiplication
AAS ascii adjust for subtraction
ADC Add carry
ADD add
AND logical AND
BOUND check array bounds
BSWAP byte swap. reverses the byte order of a 32-bit destination register
CALL Call a procedure
CBW convert byte to word
CDQ convert doubleword to quadword
CLC clear carry flag
CLD clear direction flag
CLI clear interrupt flag
CMC complement carry flag
CMP compare
CMPS compares two string in memory
CWB convert word to doubleword
DAA decimal adjust for addition
DAS decimal adjust for subtraction
DEC decrement
DIV unsigned integer division
IN inputs a value from a hardware port
INC increment
JA jump if above
JA jump if destination above sour
JAE jump if above or equal
JAE jump if destination above or equal to source
JB jump if below
JB jump if destination below sour
JBE jump if below or equal
JBE jump if destination below or equal to source
JC jump if carry
JCXZ jump if CX equals zero
JE jump if destination equals sour
JE jump if equal
JG jump if greater
JG jump if greater
JGE jump if greater or equal
JGE jump if greater or equal
JL jump if less
JL jump if less
JLE jump if less or equal
JLE jump if less or equal
JNA jump if not above
JNAE jump if not above or equal
JNB jump if not below
JNBE jump if not below or equal
JNC jump if no carry
JNE jump if destination not equal to sour
JNE jump if not equal
JNG jump if not greater
JNGE jump if not greater or equal
JNL jump if not less
JNLE jump of not less than or equal
JNO jump if no overflow
JNP jump if no parity
JNS jump if not sign
JNZ jump if not zero
JO jump if overflow
JP jump if parity
JPE jump if parity equal
JPO jump if parity odd
JS jump if sign
JZ jump if zero
LDS load pointer using DS
LES load pointer using ES
LODS loads an element from a string
LOOP loop
LOOPE loop while equal
LOOPNE loop while not equal
MOV move
MOVDW copies a word
MOVSB copies a byte
MOVSD copies a doubleword
MUL unsigned integer multiply
NEG negate
NOP no operation
NOT logical NOT
OR inclusive OR
OUT outputs a value to a hardware port
POP pop from stack
POPA pop all
PUSH push on stack
RCL rotate carry left
RCR rotate carry right
REP repeat string
REPE repeat while equal
REPNE repeat while not equal
RET return from procedure
ROL rotate left
ROR rotate right
SCAS scans a string for an element
SHL shift left
SHR shift right
STC set carry flag
STI set interrupt flag
STOS stores an element into a string
SUB subtract
TEST test - tests individual bits
XCHG exchange two operands
XLAT translate using table
XOR exclusive or

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