PHP Bootstrap Alert Function


Many times, I have had to create a bootstrap alert in my web applications. So many in fact, I started writing a php function that can create it for me. Here is my snippet.

This is the function you can use throughout your code:

// returns a bootstrap alert
function getAlert($message, $alertType = 'success') {
  return "
  <div class=\"alert alert-$alertType alert-dismissible mt-5 mb-5 fade show\" role=\"alert\">
    <button type=\"button\" class=\"close\" data-dismiss=\"alert\" aria-label=\"Close\">
      <span aria-hidden=\"true\">&times;</span>

Then, whenever you need an alert, you can use it by doing this:

echo getAlert('Your message goes here', 'warning');


The $alertType defaults to success, but bootstrap offers several different options for the type of alert you have.


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