Software Development Tools


This is a list of my favorite software tools I use when developing applications.

Text Editors & IDEs:

Sublime Text

I use sublime text for several different languages. All my web development is written with sublime: html, css, php, and javascript. Also, I use it to write my python scripts.

Before sublime, I used to use Atom. However, after using it extensively, it just became too buggy and slow. Sublime opens instantly and has just about the same packages as atom.

Visual Studio

I use Visual Studio soley for C++. At my current job, that's one of the primary languages I work with so I am constantly using it.

Before starting my job, I was writing my C++ code with XCode on my macbook. Whenever I tried to use Visual Studio on my windows desktop, I couldn't get my programs to compile and run. Since starting my job though, I have come to love visual studio, and would reccommend it to anyone in C++ development.


I use Netbeans for my Java programs. It's free and I like it's swing form builder. The other popular option is Eclipse.

Command Line Interface

When I am writing code on my windows desktop, I use terminus for the command line instead of using the default CMD. It is open source, you can modify its apearance and have multiple tabs open at once.

SQL Tools

SQL Formatter

When writing SQL queries, I like to use SQL Formatter to format the layout of my text. For example, it can take this one line query:

select, Songs.title, from Songs left join Artists on Songs.artist_id = where > 100 order by Songs.title desc limit 20;

and turn it into:

FROM   Songs
       LEFT JOIN Artists
              ON Songs.artist_id =
WHERE > 100
LIMIT  20;


Mockaroo is a realistic data generator. I use it to populate my database tables whenever with mock data whenever I am doing web development. It's free and really simple to use.

Other tools


Noteable is a free note taking app where you can write your notes in markdown. I use it for all my notetaking for work and I used it when I was in school. You can paste screen shots, enter in math equations, and so much more. I HIGHLY recommend this.


Backlog is a free, open source todo list app. It's really quick and fast, and if you are looking for a simple todo list app I recommend this.

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